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In love with love

Love is what we are. That is why it is so good to be in love. If we remove the self-centered part of it, and retain the tenderness and deep care, being in love is the closest we can get to our own nature.

Ultimately, I think we love others because of the way they make us feel. I’m not talking about feeling cared for, nurtured or even just seen – which is wonderful, by the way – I mean we love feeling love for them.

I have often felt what a blessing it is to love someone. To have in your life a being (preferably many) who you can look upon with such tenderness, with such warmth, someone who stirs in our heart such magnificent feelings.

But then, if it is love we seek, why can’t we just LOVE ? Not ourselves, nor our spouses, or children, nor our friends or pets, but love itself. Maybe if we become utterly in love with love, not only we will keep loving all our dear ones, but this unwavering deep current will become the source of all our words and deeds and our most cherished companion.

I like to call it the unbearable tenderness of being.

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