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In desperate need of loving kindness

Despite who we are or where we come from we are all in desperate need of loving kindness. There is often such harshness in the way we treat each other!

Even underneath the passionate words we may say to someone when we are infatuated, there is often little to no kindness at all. Fear, desire, and delusion are moving us much more than love. At that time, we might feel ready to surrender, to give up our habits or even our entire life set – family, work, or social status – all of this supposedly in the name of love, but mainly in hope of obtaining fulfillment. There is hardly any kindness involved. And sadly, if it doesn’t work, there is often just bitterness left.

Kindness is a totally different matter. It is soft and tender. It doesn’t ask for anything in return. It doesn’t have any hope; it doesn’t have any fear. It’s there like earth, bearing in fullness and sharing its richness. Kindness is a smile, a gesture, a gentle way to anticipate the needs. It’s very motherly.

Enlightened kindness goes even deeper. It recognizes suffering but doesn’t give in personal dramas. It’s there for you without taking sides. It holds your hand warmly, makes you feel unconditionally loved and silently dissolves into spacious brilliancy. That’s when you suddenly realize your sorrow has no ground and just became lighter.

Some of us are lucky to have found kindness in their lives – whether motherly or enlightened –, others aren’t.

The good news is that kindness is part of what we are and we can cultivate it one-sidedly, without having to wait any longer. We may or may not have found kindness in our lives but we can definitely develop it, starting with ourselves.

Be kind instead of judgemental, don’t get angry! Recognize your mistakes, forgive them.  After all, we are only human and in desperate need of loving kindness!

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