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Seeking distraction or fulfillment?

As samsaric human beings we all feel dukkha. That’s the first Truth Bouddha taught and a very needed one. Dukkha, as this existential and constant insatisfaction, is a lifelong companion, so familiar that we often don’t notice it anymore.

Our lives are so eventful and run at such a quick pace that many of us don’t perceive dukkha for what it is. Yes, we may feel the need for constant novelty and excitement, for acquiring new objects, or starting new relationships, but the raw feeling of lack, of being incomplete or flawed is not something everybody recognizes. Besides, it is deeply uncomfortable.

Our most common strategy to numb dukkha is distraction. Alienating ourselves by doing things, wether useful, pleasurable or merely entertaining. As we keep our workdays full and organise programs for week-ends and holidays, we make sure that dukkha doesn’t show the tip of it’s nose. But in the end, whatever we engage in, if it’s sole purpose is to distract ourselves from the pain, will never be fulfilling.

Strangely enough, it’s only when we stop avoiding it, and we look deeply into the flow of awareness of now that we can find fulfillment.

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